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Town Board of Trustees


Mayor and Town Board Trustee Members:

  • Robert McVay, Mayor, term expires November 2022   
  • Christine Lee, Mayor Pro Tem, term expires November 2020
  • Dan Nolan, Trustee, term expires November 2022
  • Ray Tinkum, Trustee, term expires November 2022
  • Kevin Jones, Trustee, term expires November 2020
  • Tim Harvey, Trustee, term expires November 2022
  • Chance Harms, Trustee, term expires November 2022
  Trustee Chance Harms swearing in by Mayor Bob McVay.

The 2018 Municipal Election was canceled.

We received four (4) nomination petitions to fill our five (5) vacancies.

Town Board member and staff would like to send a THANK YOU to our board member that is leaving the board.  Thank you Sally DiSciullo!

The Town Board will be welcoming back Raymond "Ray" Tinkum, Dan Nolan, and Tim Harvey as board trustees.  We will also be welcoming back Mayor Robert "Bob" McVay.  Our returning Mayor and Trustees will be sworn into office on April 19, 2018.
After we seat our new board there will be a vacancy. If you are interested please submit a letter of interest to or PO Box 116 HSS, CO 80451 Thank you!


                 Mayor McVay swearing in Hershal Deputy

The agendas and minutes of the town board are available on the Town Board of Trustees Agendas and Minutes web page and can be accessed by clicking here.

For a PDF file copy of the Title 1, Chapter 5 sections of the Hot Sulphur Springs Municipal Code titled "Mayor and Town Board of Trustees", please click here.

The Hot Sulphur Springs Board of Trustees adopted "Rules of Conduct for Public Meetings" at its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, December 15, 2011.  A copy of a downloadable and printable pdf file of those 'Rules of Conduct' may be obtained by clicking here.