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Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control (BPCCC) Program

This BPCCC Program outlines how the supplier of water the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs will implement its program and achieve compliance with Regulaltion 11 of the State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

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Hot Sulphur Springs Facilities Staff

Facilities Staff:

Water and Sewer Operations

Lucas Ackerman
Cell - 970-531-6983

2018 CIRSA Loss Prevention Award (Workers Compensation Pool)

Mayor Robert McVay and 2018 CIRSA Safety Champion Award winners Lucas Ackerman & Oakley Ellis

At CIRSA General Membership Meeting in Breckenridge on June 18, several members were recognized for their great loss control efforts in 2018. The Town of Hot Sulphur Springs received a Loss Prevention award. They achieved an audit score of 100 percent or greater, and had a loss ratio below 20 percent. Additional evaluation criteria may include the member’s loss experience factor, and cooperation with loss control representatives and in the audit/survey process. The following members received a Safety Champion award. This award is based upon the staff’s evaluation of nominations and submissions provided by members.

Lucas Ackerman & Oakley Ellis, Water & Sewer Operations, Town of Hot Sulphur Springs
Lucas and Oakley were thrust into a position of responsibility during 2018 with personnel changes in Hot Sulphur Springs. This change dictated that in order for the Town to continue its forward improvement, someone had to step up and voluntarily take over many aspects of their safety and health programs. Oakley and Lucas rose to the challenge/occasion. From aggressively pursuing additional safety training, to keeping their water and wastewater plant operating efficiently, to ensuring staff and trustees were apprised of all training and safety matters, to also managing and maintaining their parks and streets, Lucas and Oakley did it all. On top of all of these tasks, they were also instrumental in applying for grants for the Town’s Pioneer Park. As you can imagine, maintaining a high quality of safety as well as the general maintenance tasks turned into a major job. But during these long weeks and months, their momentum never faltered and their accident frequency actually decreased!