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Hot Sulphur Springs,
Grand County,

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County seat of Grand County
Oldest town in Grand County


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Paul F. Gilbert
Photo Collection
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Hot Sulphur Springs Fire Engine

Hot Sulphur Springs
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Sandy Bray White
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Ward Briggs
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Colorado River grasses, Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

'Town Zoning' Page

January 7, 2013
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Hot Sulphur Springs Zoning map

Established as Saratoga West
in 1860, incorporated as Hot Sulphur Springs in 1903





HOT SULPHUR DAYS 2020 Cancelled

 Hot Sulphur Days

It is with regret that the Hot Sulphur Days Committee announces that Hot Sulphur Days 2020 will be cancelled.  State regulations related to Covid-19 forbid large gatherings making it impossible to hold our town celebration.  While this is disappointing we are hoping to schedule a shortened event later in the summer.

To help people who are coping with the Covid-19 epidemic the Hot Sulphur Days committee is donating $500 to the Grand County Rural Health Network.  We hope that this donation will help in supporting both the physical and mental health of Grand County residents.


Pioneer Park is closed to camping until further notice. The Disc Golf Course remains open at this time along with day use activities. Thank you for your cooperation. Please contact Town Hall at (970) 725-3933 with any questions.


Hot Sulphur Springs Residents, Business Owners & Citizens;

During these challenging times, please be assured Town Staff will continue to provide essential services throughout the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs. We are taking appropriate measures to insure the health and safety of Town Staff. The water in Hot Sulphur Springs is safe to drink and there is no evidence of the COVID-19 being transmitted through drinking water. The Town's water treatment plant is designed to stop viruses from contaminating the drinking water. A treatment criteria set forth by the State of Colorado is not only being met, but are exceeded. 

Please remember that alternatives to toilet paper such as: paper towels, baby wipes and disposable wipes SHOULD NOT BE FLUSHED DOWN TOILETS. These products can cause costly and unsanitary wastewater backups in homes and businesses.

Town hall will be closed to the public until further notice in response to the COVID-19 Virus. Town Hall will  continue to be staffed at this time, but there will be no physical access to the building. All scheduled meetings and events are currently cancelled, and will be rescheduled at a future date. Limited resources are available by phone at (970) 725-3933.

The Town of Hot Sulphur Springs appreciates your cooperation in helping to keep the Town safe and moving forward in a positive direction. In these trying times, it is important we come together as a community to help one another.

Robert McVay
Mayor, Town of Hot Sulphur Springs

CDPHE Colorado COVID_19 Update

EPA Coronavirus and Water & Drinking Water

Colorado Department of Labor & Employment COVID-19 link

Powell Panel in Pioneer Park

New interpretive panel has been installed in Pioneer Park. The 150th anniversary of the voyage of John Wesley Powell and members of the Powell expedition were properly recognized and celebrated this past year in Hot Sulphur Springs.

Visit the Beautiful Mural at the Town Park

Town of Hot Sulphur Springs Proclamation May 24, 2019 John Wesley Powell & Middle Park Five Day

Grand Quilt Trail

The Candy Store
121 Byers Ave
Hot Sulphur Springs

Pioneer Village Museum
110 E Byers Ave
Hot Sulphur Springs

Grand Quilt Trail information click here
Grand County Historical Association
Grand Quilters
Betsy deVries - or 970-531-3585

Hot Sulphur Springs Library

 Hot Sulphur Springs Library Reopened
Please come support our local branch

Click here for hours.

Monthly Events:

Pioneer Village Museum

Pioneer Village

Pioneer Village Museum lies at the East end of Hot Sulphur Springs just off Highway 40 on Byers Avenue. Discover early tools of Grand County inhabitants, pioneer clothing and historic Grand County artifacts on display at the museum housed in the original Hot Sulphur Springs school. The skiing display details the humble beginnings of a major Colorado industry right here in Hot Sulphur Springs. Another featured display includes 8,500 year old artifacts of Windy Gap, which have revolutionized archaeological thinking. Besides the historic buildings on site, the largest artifacts at Pioneer Village are the Spreader, an early railroad snowplow, and the Winter Park Ski Train caboose, which was once a visitor information center at the ski area.