Hot Sulphur Springs,
Grand County,

County seat of Grand County
Oldest town in Grand County


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Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado Forecast

Paul F. Gilbert
Photo Collection
Phase 3 has begun

February 7, 2013

Hot Sulphur Springs Fire Engine

Hot Sulphur Springs
Photo Blog

January 7, 2013
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Colorado River grasses, Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

'Town Zoning' Page

January 7, 2013
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Hot Sulphur Springs Zoning map

Established as Saratoga West
in 1860, incorporated as Hot Sulphur Springs in 1903





Water Outage August 27th 2014

We have a broken valve near the water treatment.  We are in the process of isolating the leak and will be digging it up to replace it.  The work is expected to start by 9 am on August 27th.  The effected area is North of Grand Ave between Hemlock and Aspen, and now includes Longview Subdivision.  There will be more information updated this afternoon August 27th at 4:30 PM.

Update as of 4:52 PM August 27:
We are still in the process of digging up the broken valve.  We anticipate that water should be restored to all areas this evening.  Water outage in areas North of Hwy 40 and in Longview area.

Update as of 6:30 PM
The valve has been replaced and operators are in the process of turning water back on.  As long as the replaced valve holds all water should be restored within the next couple of hours.

Update as of 7:12 PM
All water should be restored however there is limited water in the storage tank causing low pressure for many areas of town.  We are in the process of making water to fill the tank and restore pressure to normal.

Thank you for your patients
Town Staff

Pioneer Park 

you may access the area by the gate or crossing the river with the new Pedestrian bridge located at the north end of maple street

Noxious Weeds

The Town of Hot Sulphur Springs is currently soliciting proposals for the control of noxious weeds.   The project consists of spraying noxious weeds on all town property within the Town city limits and includes Pioneer Park, the Town Park (including playground and ball fields), road rights of way, alleys, the area around the water treatment and sewer treatment plants, and the water storage tank. No treatment is to occur on private property. Only herbicide applicators licensed by the State of Colorado Department of Agriculture will be considered. Proposals for this project must be received by June 16, at 2:00 pm at the Hot Sulphur Springs Town Hall. For further information please contact Sandy White, Town Clerk, at 970.725.3933 or Dan Nolan at 720.937.8058.

Pyrography, Intarsia, Stained Glass Show July thru September

Woodworking, Stained Glass Show

Hot Sulphur Springs Creative Arts Council is excited to host a reception for local artists at the Hot Sulphur Springs Town Hall 513 Aspen Street.  The show will be open for viewing starting July 1st, 2014 during Town Hall Hours (Mon-Thurs 8-12PM and 1-5PM.   Come support our local artists.

Sponsored by Hot Sulphur Springs Creative Arts Council PO Box 83 Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451

Upcoming events:

Hot Sulphur Days

Hot Sulphur Days
is an annual event here in Hot Sulphur Springs that is held the second weekend of every June. 

The 2014 Hot Sulphur Days will be held Friday, Satuday and Sunday, June 6, 7, 8th.
Craft Fair Information/ Registration here.
Parade Registration form click here.

Stay tuned for more information about the 2014 Hot Sulphur Days festivities.

Pedestrian Bridge over the Colorado River

The crane is here to set it in place September 26th, 2013 in the morning. 
There will be a location near the water treatment facility for interested
individuals to watch the installation process.  The road into Pioneer Park
on the north side will be Closed during this process.  Look for a ribbon
cutting in the month of November.

- North Maple Street, next to the new Water Treatment Plant 

Projected completion date - Work will begin fall 2013, subject to change

Amenities - This bridge over the Colorado River will connect the Town Park with Pioneer Park (see listings above) when completed linking the various amenities of each park.  Enhancements will include functional landscaping to blend enhancements to adjacent 'riparian protection areas', signage, environmental education, and solar lighting.  For more information about this project, please visit the HSS Pedestrian Blog by clicking here, and for furhter details including plan graphics like the image to the left, please click here.  For a link to a Sky-Hi Daily News August 11, 2012 article with updated information, please click here.
Request for Qualification click here.

Hot Sulphur Springs Demographics

Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado is the county seat of Grand County located at an elevation of 7,680 feet above sea level at the mouth of Byers Canyon on the Colorado River in the central part of the county.

The 2010 U.S. Census shows Hot Sulphur Springs with 663 citizens, 27.26 percent more than it was in 2000 (521).  The median age of these 663 citizens is 36.8 years and 188 of those residents or 28 percent are under the age of 20.  The gender of the population in 2010 was 50.83 percent male (337) and 49.17 percent female (326).  There were 309 housing units inventoried with 253 of them occupied. 
  For a copy of the U.S. Census 2010 Demographic Profile Data page as a printable pdf file, please click here.

United States 2010 Census logo       Hot Sulphur Springs, Grand County, Colorado logo

East Grand School District 2 covers the town of Hot Sulphur Springs.  The East Grand School District web site is located here.The zip code for Hot Sulphur Springs is 80451, the area code is 970, the time zone is Mountain Standard, the GPS coordinates are 40°4'24"N, 106°6'5"W, and the size of the town is 0.8 square miles.  The annual average temperature is 38.2°F and the average annual precipitation is 14.75 inches.

Hot Sulphur Springs is located in Township 8 North, Range 78 West of the sixth principal meridian, Grand County, Colorado.  Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Online Transportaiton Information System (OTIS) for Hot Suphur Springs may be found by clicking here.  For a PDF file of the Grand County Atlas page showing Hot Suphur Springs, please click here.  For a PDF file of the Grand County Planning & Zoning Department zoning map of Hot Sulphur Springs, please click here.

As of 2006-2010, the per capita income of Hot Sulphur Springs is $25,298, which is lower than the state average of $30,151 and is lower than the national average of $27,334. Hot Sulphur Springs median household income is $68,250, which has grown by 73.64% since 2000. The median household income growth rate is much higher than the state average rate of 14.50% and is much higher than the national average rate of 19.17%. On average Hot Sulphur Springs residents spend 17.2 minutes per day commuting to work, which is lower than the state average of 24.0 minutes and is lower than the national average of 25.3 minutes.

For Grand County demographic information in a PDF file format, please click here.

Some of the information above was obtained from a February 25, 2011 Sky-Hi Daily News article that can be read
here in it's entirety.  Additional information was obtained from this web site, from the Colorado State Demography Office from the Grand County website as well as from other sources.  None of these organizations are affiliated with the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs.

Gilbert Photo Collection Update

Hot Sulphur Days Horse Race

Gilbert Photo Collection Update

Feburary 21, 2013 - The last phase of the photo collection have been rehund with identifying labels.  Please stop by the Town Hall and have a new look or a first look at our outstanding collection.

February 10, 2013 - All fifty-three photographs from the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs Paul Gilbert Photo Collection have now been scanned and posted to this website under the History page above.  The last remaining eighteen photographs are in the process of being reframed and will be rehung in the town hall with identifying labels in the near future.

One of these photograps is the image to the right which was the awarding of the winnings after the annual Hot Sulphur Days horse race from Parshal to Hot Sulphur Springs, date unknown.  Pictured along with winner Cindy Brandt are the race organizers Eugene Angelo on the left and one time town fire chief Bill Capello on the right.

To begin viewing this outstanding collection of photographs that hightlight much of Hot Sulphur's history and its town folk, please click here.