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Hot Sulphur Springs,
Grand County,

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County seat of Grand County
Oldest town in Grand County


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Parks, Recreation and Open Space
Master Plan

Paul F. Gilbert
Photo Collection
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Hot Sulphur Springs Fire Engine

Hot Sulphur Springs
Photo Blogs

Sandy Bray White
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Ward Briggs
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Colorado River grasses, Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

'Town Zoning' Page

January 7, 2013
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Hot Sulphur Springs Zoning map

Established as Saratoga West
in 1860, incorporated as Hot Sulphur Springs in 1903





Town of Hot Sulphur Springs Proclamation May 24, 2019 John Wesley Powell & Middle Park Five Day

Grand Quilt Trail

The Candy Store
121 Byers Ave
Hot Sulphur Springs

Pioneer Village Museum
110 E Byers Ave
Hot Sulphur Springs

Grand Quilt Trail information click here
Grand County Historical Association
Grand Quilters
Betsy deVries - or 970-531-3585

Off Highway Vehicles (OHV's)

Regulations for operating an OHV in Hot Sulphur Springs Town limits click here.  
Quick points (please read the full version listed above)
  •          Must have a valid driver’s license*
  •          Proof of insurance
  •          Documentation of current registration (State Department of Motor Vehicle or Colorado State Parks and Wildlife Division)
  •          The use of OHV’s is solely for the purpose of normal transportation having a specific destination using the most direct route.
  •          Riding on Highway 40 is PROHIBITED
  •          If you need to cross Hwy 40 use the intersections of First Street, Aspen Street, or Hemlock Street all others are PROHIBITED
Operation of OHV’s is PROHIBITED in Pioneer Park and Town Park

ATV Safety Courses offered here.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife snowmobile safety course offered here
Colorado Parks and Wildlife registration information here.


Ride Respectfully!

Hot Sulphur Springs Library

 Hot Sulphur Springs Library Reopened
Please come support our local branch

Click here for hours.

Monthly Events:

Pioneer Village Museum

Pioneer Village

Pioneer Village Museum lies at the East end of Hot Sulphur Springs just off Highway 40 on Byers Avenue. Discover early tools of Grand County inhabitants, pioneer clothing and historic Grand County artifacts on display at the museum housed in the original Hot Sulphur Springs school. The skiing display details the humble beginnings of a major Colorado industry right here in Hot Sulphur Springs. Another featured display includes 8,500 year old artifacts of Windy Gap, which have revolutionized archaeological thinking. Besides the historic buildings on site, the largest artifacts at Pioneer Village are the Spreader, an early railroad snowplow, and the Winter Park Ski Train caboose, which was once a visitor information center at the ski area.

Snow Removal Reminder March 2019

The Town of Hot Sulphur Springs is dedicated to clearing the roads of snow to allow safe passage for the traveling public. Please assist Town Staff in safely plowing by observing the following in snow conditions:
  • Obstructing a town road by plowing snow across the right-of-way or into the right-of-way is not allowed. Also, the property owner may be liable for any injury attributable to a hazard that they have created in the public right-of-way.
  • Snow removal priority will be given to emergency service routes, and the school bus route
  • Please do not allow children to play on the edge of the road or in the snow banks.
  • Operators may use equipment to clear their driveways to enable access to town facilities.
  • Town employees are directed to plow the HSS fire station as well as the driveways of the volunteer fire department crew members. Town employees will also keep fire hydrants clear.
  • Town employees are directed to plow the parking area of the Post Office
  • Ingress/Egress to Highway 40 shall be kept clear and sanded during winter months.
  • Sand will be applied sparingly to high traffic areas, steep hills, and icy spots as they occur.
  • Property owners are responsible for the removal of snow from their driveways and the snow that may be left in front of the driveway due to the town removing snow from the streets.
  • Parking any vehicle or trailer in the right-of-way is not allowed and may be subject to ticket and/or towing. The town will use all of the 60’ right-of-way to move snow off the main portion of the street.
  • Placing of roll off dumpsters in the right-of-way are not allowed.
  • Please do not stop operators while they are working. Please be mindful of plow equipment while driving as operators may have a hard time seeing you. Plows will take precedence over normal traffic.
Any concerns regarding plowing should be directed to Town Hall 970-725-3933. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!